System Isolation

We discuss solutions for isolating an entire system/OS for damage control: virtualization, containerization. If critical apps or the OS/kernel itself are compromised, the system is compromised but won’t affect other systems.

Slides for this session:


Download the session task archive.

  1. DO NOT DO THIS ON A REAL MACHINE Do not manually remove jail folder! Use only the scripts provided. You are playing “Bad Software Monopoly” and you just drew the “Go to jail!” card. Fortunately, you chose to play with the root token.

    Find your “Get out of jail free” card and get your well deserved reward.

    Open the session task archive and access the monopoly/ subfolder.

    Run: sudo ./go_to_jail and try to escape the chroot jail. When you escape, read the /flag file.

    Run sudo ./destroy_jail to remove the jail

    1. Install Docker (information here Run docker run hello-world to make sure that everything is set up ok. Run docker run -it ubuntu bash to enter the container. Experiment a little

    2. Create a custom Docker image based on the instructions here

    3. Modify the default app and introduce a way to execute commands from the webpage (eg: add a GET cmd parameter that will be executed. Try to read /etc/passwd or break the app.

    1. Create an Ubuntu virtual machine in your favourite virtualization product.

    2. Inside the VM, create a Linux container following the instructions here: Experiment with lxc-* commands

    3. Create a snapshot of your VM.

    4. DO NOT DO THIS ON A REAL MACHINE Break the VM with the following command: sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda or sudo rm --no-preserve-root -rf /. Try to restore it