There are four components for the SIS grade:

  • session activity: 2 points

  • assignments: 4 points

  • exam: 4 points

Grades are stored in the class register.

You get session activity points by actively being involved in lecture and lab sessions.

There are 3 assignments, each is worth 1.33 point. Please check the assignments page.


The exam is worth 4 points. It consists of two parts:

  • A quiz that will consist of 22 multiple choice questions, 2 questions are bonus. They are similar to lecture quizzes. You get 1 point by filling all correct answers; you lose 0.5 for each incorrect answer.

    It takes 20 minutes. It’s worth 2 points.

  • A concept statement with 11 true / false questions, 1 question is bonus. For each answer (true / false), you need to provide argumentation.

    It takes 20 minutes. It’s worth 2 points.

September Exam

For the September exam session only the exam may be taken again.

This is also the case for the June special session for 2nd year master students.

You can take part only once in a given exam session.

Keeping Grades

If you choose to, you can keep the lab grade (all labs) or the assignments grade (all assignments) from previous academic years or both. You cannot keep grades for lecture tests or for the exam. In case you want to keep grades, reply on the respective thread on