Assignment 3 - Research Analysis

The goal is to create an essay that does a critical analysis of the papers and a rebuttal: highlighting weak spots and strong spots.

Task 1

  • Choose teammates (teams of 3-4). Complete in the spreadsheet.

  • Choose one topic (16 topics in total). Complete in the spreadsheet.

  • Go through all 2-3 papers.

  • Make one essay highlighting the topic in the papers, strengths, weaknesses, alternative approaches, comparison of the papers.

  • Upload the essay to the Essay folder.

Please upload your essay to Moodle. Every team member must upload the essay.

Deadline: 21 January 2022, 21:59 UTC, 23.59 Romania time.

Task 2

Review the essay made by one other team. (Positive/Improvement notes) Upload your review to Reviews folder.

Deadline: 25 January 2022, 21:59 UTC, 23:59 Romania time.


Present you essay (5 minute presentation, nothing fancy). The presentations will be held on 26 January in the course/lab slots (4pm-8pm Romania time).

Your grade = Essay Grade (60%) + Review Grade (20%) + Slide/Presentation Grade (20%).

Upload your presentation to the Presentation folder.