Team Bucharest

Project for Suceava Hard & Soft 2011 Contest

The growing importance of context-awareness as an enabler for more intelligent, invisible and autonomous applications and services has highlighted the need for a greater integration of the physical with the digital world. Energy in particular is becoming an increasingly important topic in our lives. As we become more aware of the limitations and the costs of the energy we consume in our daily life, in our personal environment, we look on technology to give us aid in optimizing our efficiency.

Our goal is to design highly energy and spectrum efficient mechanisms and protocols to capture and actuate the context information. The project focuses on harvesting energy from the environment through as many ways as possible, and efficiently using the harvested energy in an off-grid building, adapting the consumption to the currently available energy levels. The main energy sources to be used for harvesting are: solar energy, wind energy, wasted wireless communication energy and hydro energy

Through its web and Android interfaces, the project offers functionalities such as analysing the harvesting efficiency, energy consumption throughout the building, setting up profiles and managing consumers individually.

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